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Dear Customer! SMP enterprise.Geodesy (SMP.GEO) offers services for the implementation of geodetic works of any complexity, including solutions to individual unique tasks in any industry. The company was established in 2012, and for 6 years of work, many projects have been successfully completed around the world: from the Russian Federation (and the countries of the former USSR) to the countries of Europe and Central America. At the moment, the company is based in Moscow and has its own production base, motor transport and a fleet of modern high-precision geodetic equipment: laser trackers, 3D scanners, engineering total stations. Our team consists of qualified specialists with extensive experience in managing objects for various purposes. SMP company.GEO offers the following services: High-precision geometric measurements, measurement work Geodetic support of installation of technological equipment with submillimitre tolerances Observations of deformations of buildings, structures and complex structures Development

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